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How much does it cost to open a Bloomest?

Updated on March 2024

To invest in a self-service laundry, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the start-up and management costs of your new activity.

For example, are you thinking of opening a traditional coin-operated laundry, or are you looking for a technology-driven solution? Perhaps traditional coin-operated laundries may seem more advantageous to you because they are cheaper, but that’s because you haven’t yet considered the expenses of periodic maintenance and the risk of thefts related to the presence of cash in your store.

The smart cash system, exclusive to Bloomest, allows you to secure your store, your customers’ data, accept different types of payment, and even manage prices and dedicated promotions!

In this section of the Bloomest site, we illustrate rough estimates of the expenses you will have to bear.

What specifically does the initial investment include?

Opening a self-service launderette is a profitable business, if done with a partner you can trust. By choosing Bloomest, we guarantee you a range of services included in the start-up costs to facilitate the success of your new business:

  • Research and design of the most suitable premises
  • Washing machines, dryers, chairs, laundry baskets, signs and the rest of the laundry equipment and furnishings
  • Laundry control system (till + remote control with the handy digital app by Bloomest).
  • Ongoing training at your point of sale to learn how to manage and promote your business.
  • Specific consultancy for construction management
  • Post-sales business support from a specialised Tutor
  • Personalised website positioned on the web for the keywords of your interest
  • Provision of marketing material to promote the point of sale.
  • Tools from the Miele brand of excellence with a 2-year guarantee.

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