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More than 1,000 points of sale have been guided by entrepreneurs who have relied on Bloomest: the best Miele technology, the reliability of a solid and dependable company, and all the advantages of a franchise formula without constraints and costs!

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Italy’s Leader

With more than 1000 shops in the country, Bloomest is the Italian leader in the franchising of self-service laundry.

Bloomest, the leading Italian self-service laundry combines Bloomest’s experience and Miele’s technological leadership at the international level in the laundry facility sector.

Since 2005, Bloomest has helped more than 1000 people achieve their entrepreneurial dream, allowing them to own a business in a sector that is in its initial phases with great growth potential.

Bloomest’s formula makes it possible to start up a business even without specific skills. There are training, consulting and tutoring phases by sector professionals, both at start-up and during the phases of growth to ensure effective management and an excellent level of profitability.

Bloomest has shops and provides assistance throughout Italy.

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A team of professionals at your service

The Bloomest team will help you to create your business, supporting you both during the start-up phase and during consolidation and development, from choosing a shop location with the help of geomarketing to complete implementation.

With Bloomest you will have your own TUTOR who can guide you in making organisational and administrative decisions to optimize costs and teach you how to use communication and promotional tools to present your business to others and expand.

The success of your laundry is our success!

With Bloomest you have the reassurance and guarantee offered by Miele’s technological excellence.

Opening a Bloomest self-service laundry means relying on the German excellence of MIELE laundry equipment. MIELE technology is a point of reference that offers REASSURANCE to entrepreneurs and is a GUARANTEE for final customers.

  • The finest care

    Thanks to the exclusive honeycomb drum and the special programs that provide the best and most reliable washing results for every type of laundry: from delicate silk and wool garments to hard-to-clean items, like down comforters, windbreakers and work clothes.

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  • Ease of use

    MIELE washing machines dispense detergents, sanitizers and fabric softeners automatically. Customers only need to choose and start the washing programs that are best for their garments.

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  • Professional soaps

    To achieve unsurpassable washing results, BLOOMEST uses professional detergents specifically developed by MIELE to sanitize, wash and soften any type of garment. MIELE Sanyplus® sanitizer is automatically dispensed at every wash cycle, ensuring safety and hygiene

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  • Modularity of the systems

    Based on the available space and the number of customers expected it is possible to easily plan out a modular system with washers and dryers of various capacities and workloads.

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  • Support and guarantee

    Along with its incomparable reliability, MIELE guarantees ongoing, excellent on-site assistance. In addition, its machines are backed by an integrated 24-month warranty.

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Choose Bloomest

Choose the safest formula for your success.

Support and tutoring

Starting from the design of your self-service laundry to the management of the shop and throughout communication and promotion activities Bloomest will always be at your side. To assist you Bloomest has created indispensable tools that guarantee the success of your business.

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Success worth sharing

BLOOMEST was founded upon a successful project, established in synergy with the Miele brand, which has been synonymous with quality and excellence for over one hundred years. Our success is worth sharing with you, as you decide to realise your dream of starting your own business. We will assist you in your business initiative at every stage and provide you with quality tools to create maximum satisfaction for you and your customers.

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System 4 Club

Support and assistance at every stage of the project

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3 years

Recovery of the estimated investment in about 3 years

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Operating Income

40%-50% of pre-tax revenue

Satisfaction is seen

Raising the profile of the BLOOMEST brand means increasing the visibility of your sales outlet, in the same way that ensuring that the end customer has a positive experience also means satisfying yourself.

That is why BLOOMEST employs all kinds of marketing tools and advertising materials to promote on a local and national level, developing integrated communication projects alongside intense social and web activity. Furthermore, initiatives are being pursued in synergy with Miele’s end consumers.

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