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System 4 Club

Support and assistance

at every stage of the project


Recovery of the estimated

investment in about 3 years

Operating income

40%-50% of pre-tax revenue



Italy’s Leader

With more than 850 shops in the country, Bloomest is the Italian leader in the self-service laundry sector.


Bloomest, the leading Italian self-service laundry combines Bloomest’s experience and Miele’s technological leadership at the international level in the laundry facility sector.

Since 2005, Bloomest has helped more than 850 people achieve their entrepreneurial dream, allowing them to own a business in a sector that is in its initial phases with great growth potential.

Bloomest’s formula makes it possible to start up a business even without specific skills. There are training, consulting and tutoring phases by sector professionals, both at start-up and during the phases of growth to ensure effective management and an excellent level of profitability.


Bloomest has shops and provides assistance throughout Italy.

Choose Bloomest

Choose the safest formula for your success.

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2.5 million actual customers 4000 clients per site 50 million global sales turnover

Over 850 sales outlets in Italy and Europe. Capillary service and recognized brand

The Miele brand is synonymous with quality and technological excellence

93% very satisfied customers, 7% satisfied customers, 0% unsatisfied customers