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Bloomest & MIELE:
The best German technology for laundry that is always perfect


Opening a Bloomest self-service laundry means being able to rely upon the excellence of MIELE machines.


For more than 100 years Miele has been offering unbeatable reliability and has been delivering the best washing and drying results for all types of fabrics, including silk and wool and hard-to-clean items, such as down comforters, windbreakers and work clothes.


With the exclusive honeycomb drum and the special programs, fibres are guaranteed to be protected. Miele’s German technology is a point of reference that offers REASSURANCE to entrepreneurs and is a GUARANTEE for final customers.



During every wash, the machines use specific sanitizing products that guarantee maximum cleanliness and safety on a continual basis.



The machines automatically dispense detergents, sanitizers and fabric softeners based on the selected wash program. This optimizes results and allows the customer to only have to worry about selecting the right program.



MIELE systems have been specifically designed for maximum modularity and have been set up to be integrated simply and quickly with other machines. The business owner and Bloomest can choose the best technological solution based on the capacity of the space and the customer potential in the area. The washing machines have a capacity ranging between 7 kg and 20 kg; the dryers have a capacity that ranges between 9 kg and 18 kg. The systems will therefore be able to satisfy all types of laundry needs, from the smallest load to particularly large items like blankets and down comforters.



The Miele Research & Development division has created a line of machines and dedicated programs to ensure excellent washing results and a long life for the components. At the same time great attention has been given to reducing to a minimum the costs of using and maintaining the machines, eliminating useless waste of water and energy to a minimum in order to respect the environment.


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