Shop renovation
Is your laundry up to date?
Bring innovation to your store!

Renew your coin-operated laundry with Bloomest!

Do you already have a self-service laundry, perhaps still coin-operated, but feel it is time to bring your business into the third millennium? Are the machines in your store beginning to show the first signs of failure? When you enter your laundry, do you no longer have the enthusiasm of the past?

At Bloomest, we give you the opportunity to renew your store and transform it into an experience of excellence for you and your customers from every point of view: technological, aesthetic, and comfort.

Discover with us how to give new life to your laundry (and attract new customers)!

An outdated laundry pleases no one, neither you nor your customers!

Think about it: would you ever wash your linen in a machine with damaged paint or faded letters? And in a very noisy machine? Probably neither would your customers.

Bloomest is the only network of laundries that exclusively uses Miele machines: washers and dryers designed and built to last over time, with a minimalist and modern design and equipped with all the most advanced technologies for washing and drying any type of fabric.

In addition, they are efficient machines that minimize the consumption of energy and water resources.

At Bloomest, we do not just guarantee you exceptional machines, but we propose a completely renewed image for your store: new signs, new furnishings, and detailed planning of your laundry so that it is not only beautiful to look at but also optimized in spaces and comfortable for your customers!

By updating your machinery with the latest Miele technologies and Bloomest design, you will offer your customers a more efficient, quick, and high-quality wash in a welcoming environment where returning is a real pleasure!

Laundry by instalments or with operational leasing: many opportunities with Bloomest!

At Bloomest, we are well aware that an investment should not be taken lightly, whether it is about opening a new laundry or renewing the existing one.

For this reason, we have found 2 ways to support and assist you in this important step for your activity:

  • Renew your laundry in convenient monthly instalments thanks to the partnership with Crisfin
  • Renew your machinery and your image with the operational leasing formula in collaboration with Grenke

Would you like to control your laundry with a click?

At Bloomest, we believe in the value of time, both for managers and their customers: that’s why technology will guide every aspect of your store, and you will have more time to dedicate to your passions!

You can manage everything concerning your laundry comfortably remotely thanks to the Bloomest manager app and the exclusive and innovative Bloomest cash register.

With the manager app and the Bloomest cash register, you can:

  • Check the status of the machines, start or stop the washing and drying cycles
  • Modify the rates of your services in one click
  • Accept different payment systems, even without cash, via POS and Satispay
  • Remotely start the opening and closing of the store, turn on or off the lights, heating, and cooling
  • Always have control over the store’s takings and the accounting analysis
  • Check for any machine errors and request remote assistance
  • Loyalize your customers, collecting information about them and creating ad hoc promotions based on their usage habits of the laundry
Shop renovation
Shop renovation

But also, your customers will have the best technology in the world of automatic laundries at their disposal! With the Bloomest user app, they can:

  • Monitor the occupancy of the laundry
  • Book washers and dryers in advance to save time
  • Receive notifications on the status of their laundry
  • Get special promotions and discounts directly on their smartphone

Why enter the Red Circle Bloomest with your laundry?

For over 120 years, Miele has been a reference brand when it comes to innovation, performance, and reliability in terms of cleaning and sanitization. Who thinks of cleanliness, thinks of Miele!

Since 2005, Bloomest has been the reference point for smart entrepreneurs looking for a safe investment, supported by a team of experts always available to help managers choose the best solutions for their business and to provide precise and timely technical and commercial assistance.

There are already more than 1,000 Bloomest-branded points of sale throughout Europe, and the next one could be yours.

In addition to giving new life to your activity, Bloomest Miele offers you:

  • Exclusive contracted area to protect your customer base and ensure you a solid and long-lasting business
  • Manager support with the System 4 Club program
  • Presence of your point of sale on the map of Bloomest laundries in Europe
  • Complete training to update your knowledge of the automatic laundry sector and the latest available technologies
  • Marketing support and promotion to help you promote your renovated laundry and attract new customers

Find out how we can transform your laundry!