Open your self-service laundry

Training and guidance

Training and guidance: learn to manage your self-service laundry

Bloomest and Miele will always be at your side!

A team of qualified and specialized people will always be at your side to help you build your future and start your new laundry. The Bloomest team is made up of qualified professionals, Bloomest technicians, Miele technicians and people who have opened a Bloomest laundry and have become part of the team thanks to their professionalism and enthusiasm. A guide is also available as a person of reference to tutor you in every stage of your business and orient you in your most important choices and decisions to be made to achieve maximum results. To help you realize your dream you will receive advice and support: from the design to the opening of your shop, from management to the development of your business.

Your guide will look for the best answers to your questions, interacting with the Bloomest team to give you the best support and never leave you alone when making important decisions about your new business. Bloomest is an innovative and functional laundry model. After helping you find the perfect location, the Bloomest Team:

  • will support you, providing you with the design for possible solutions to achieve the best configuration;
  • will evaluate on a case-by-case basis the structural characteristics of the shop and make the best plan for the spaces so that the machinery functions properly and the environment is pleasant for the customers;
  • will propose, based on its experience and the opening of hundreds of shops, an accurate 3D model that will give you a preview of how the laundry will look with simulations and virtual visits. Even before work has begun, you will know exactly how your laundry will be!
Training and guidance

During the construction phase the Bloomest Team will provide complete assistance to technicians and system designers involved in setting up your shop, giving them the standard diagrams and providing opinions and advice when needed.

The support of the Bloomest team at laundries

Starting from the design of your self-service laundry to the management of the shop and throughout communication and promotion activities Bloomest will always be at your side. To assist you Bloomest has created indispensable tools that guarantee the success of your business.

Training and guidance


During your laundry’s design and execution phase, the construction manager guarantees that work is done properly and cost-effectively and that the time schedule is optimized. This professional figure ensures critical support when you need to present documentation to various entities and request required authorisations. The construction manager assists in activating the various utilities and supervises work in progress.

Training and guidance


With the Bloomest Academy programme we will be at your side from the moment you join the club on your professional learning journey, offering you modular courses and professional, comprehensive training provided by sector experts.

Training and guidance


The operating manual will be given to you as soon as you join and is a fundamental guide. It contains the necessary technical information, including indications for the proper functioning and maintenance of the systems, as well as management advice.

Training and guidance


The Bloomest Master will be available to guide you and orient you while making the most important decisions in order to achieve maximum results.

Requirements for opening a self-service coin laundry

Autonomous management

The simplicity of managing a self-service laundry allows the investor to run other businesses or even open and manage more than one laundry at the same time.

Within 2 years of the opening of their first laundries 15% of BLOOMEST investors have opened at least another laundry. No employees are needed to operate a shop.

Becoming the owner of a self-service laundry is very easy. You only need to have the right attitude, leave the rest to us!

Marketing tools to launch a self-service coin laundry

To start a successful self-service laundry the environment must be modular to make it easier to add any new machines and make a great visual impact to create a recognisable and guaranteed image.

All BLOOMEST laundries have high quality and image standards. Bloomest will guarantee the strategic and operating support of a MASTER in the area. The manager will also be in constant contact with the marketing office that will provide new latest-generation tools and services to best launch your business.

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